Venm 1.2

Game release for the Windows Phone 7

Venm is a top down scrolling space shooter where you take on hords of enemy spacecraft in a Venm Class Fighter


Update Changes v 1.2.

1) Increased enemy spawn frequency.
2) Player health does no longer regenerate.
3) Enemy health increase for higher levels.

Increased Marketplace regions where game is available

Update Changes v 1.1.

1) Fixed level/XP bug which causes game to get stuck on level 9.
2) Additional enemy type added.
3) Controls changed from drag ship arround screen to either tilt control or virtual joystick.
4) Powerball pickup added.
5) Added option screen - sound, vibrate, fullscreen, tilt, touch.
6) Adjusted balance of enemy ships.
7) Health replenishes over time.


Venm is not currently available